Cheerleading combines most elements of dance and gymnastics, creating a sport that requires the utmost in team working and goal setting.  Our class combines the athletic fun of non-competitive and competitive cheerleading.

Our students are able to compete throughout the state and on a national level or take the classes to learn cheerleading for recreational reasons.
Miami Gymnastics helps our athletes reach their goals by preparing them through progression training.  We prepare their mind as well as their body to exceed, in their sport as well as in live.  Positive mental attitudes, strong work ethics, self-discipline and confidence are among the many traits cheerleading produces.

All students are separated by skill level and age.  We enforce proper teaching techniques, using time tested proper drills and skill conditioning.

Skill progression plays an important part in cheerleading, providing the basis for advancement in this difficult sport.


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Cheerleading Team
Cheerleaders are athletes who learn the value of team work, sportsmanship and hard work.
Our staff of gymnastic professional and choreographer can help propel the student to new heights in this most dynamic of sports.
Cheerleading Practice Schedule is listed below. Please call if you don't see a class listed.


Cheerleading Schedule