Combo ( Ballet / Rhythmic )

Our Pre-Schoolers Ballet/Rhythmic Gymnastics program was designed to introduce children to Ballet, Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Children are learning basics of Pre-Ballet and Ballet, Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

This program is focused on learning fundamental body movements and apparatus techniques using ball, ribbon, hoop, and rope. Children are practicing 1 to 4 ½ hours a week, participate in level/skill tests, and have an opportunity to perform in Miami Gymnastics Winter and Summer Shows.

More advanced gymnasts can participate in competitions. Miami Gymnastics usually hosts 1 or more local competitions per year and this is an unforgettable experience that will open the door for a little gymnast into the sport.

Benefits include:

  • Develop hand eye coordination
  • Develop agility, strength and coordination
  • Develop flexibility
  • Learn elegant, expressive, precise & graceful movements.
  • Gain positive self esteem & confidence
  • Learn to set goals
  • Physical fitness
  • Team skills
  • Lasting friendship


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Lady Bugs ( 2 - 3 y.o. )
Our Ladybugs program for children ages 2 ½   – 3 ½  years old will give students their first look at Ballet, Dance, Rhythmic Gymnastics and physical fitness. Rhythmic is a great foundation that helps develop flexibility, coordination, rhythm of music, dance movements, strength, physical fitness and self-esteem that will help prepare children for all sports and dance programs.

Our “ladybugs” will learn basic Pre-Ballet skills, will try to put together a Dance with ribbon, ball, hoola hoop or jump rope, will learn basic Pre-Gymnastics skills, work on flexibility and at the same time have a lot of FUN. During the practices we focus on learning basic body movements and apparatus techniques of rhythmic gymnastics using ball, ribbon, hoop and rope.

Children are practicing 45 minutes, 1 to 3 times a week

*Proper Attire: Pink Leotard, Long Hair Pulled up in a “pony tail”, Rhythmic half-shoes (available in our office).

Gymnastics Schedule
Regular training schedule September through May/June.
Adjusted schedule during summer months.
See below for the Gymnastics schedule.
Butterflies( 3 - 5 y.o. )
Little Faires Advanced Preschoolers ( 3 - 5 y.o. )
Rhythmic Pre Team (4 - 6 y.o. )

Combo Schedules