Gymnastics Pre School Program Philosophy

The philosophy of this program is to provide a nurturing preschool environment designed to increase each child’s self-confidence, improve both gross and fine motor skills, teaching your toddler balance and coordination, increasing strength and flexibility along with socialization, fun, making new friends and learning to be a team player.

Classes are taught on gymnastics apparatuses where students learn through structured plan and fun. There are new lesson plans every week, which include trampoline/tumble track/foam pit lessons. Children are divided into age appropriate groups based on maturity level and skill level.

Experts believe that movement at this stage in life is essential in developing hand eye coordination, direction taking skills, motor development, physical education and cooperative learning skills.

Students will learn a formal introduction to Pre Level 1 gymnastics that includes basic tumbling skills and an overall experience that includes all the Olympic events teaching the necessary progressions on the bars, beams, mini-vault, floor exercise (with age appropriate equipment).

This amazing 40-45 min lesson involving FUN, LEARNING and EXCITEMENT will delight your child and bring years of physical benefit and fun!  Join the best class in town  as we develop  the habit of exercise

In our TumbleBear Gym program, a parent may or may not join the child in class until the child is 3-4 years old. TumbleBear will develop your child’s self-confidence and enhance their physical capabilities. Safety is of utmost importance. Our scaled-down preschool equipment such as trampolines, incline mats, and uneven bars will make it even more fun to come and be a TumbleBear! Our 4/5 Preschool Gymnastics class is more skill oriented and specifically for parents looking for a more serious structured one-hour class for their child who is 4 & 5 years old.

Beginning at age 1 (walking) to age five, we provide a positive experience with physical fitness in class. It’s an enjoyable physical, mental, and social experience for your child. We incorporate a blend of music, gymnastics (bars, beam, tumbling, and trampoline) and the use of small motor equipment such as rhythmic ribbons, hoops, balls, and balloons. We also have great educational themes such as Dinosaur Week, Hollywood Week, and Outer Space Week

Benefits include:

  • An increase in muscular strength, flexibility and endurance (pound for pound, gymnasts are among the strongest of Olympic athletes).
  • The knowledge of how to fall and roll safely for all sports.
  • Increased agility, coordination and fundamentals of movement.
  • Discipline and self-control.
  • Learn to listen and follow rules and directions.
  • Social interaction with peers.
  • A confident self-image and a positive attitude towards their bodies.
  • Gain self-esteem, confidence, and a positive “can do” attitude.
  • Learn to set goals.
  • Trust in one’s own abilities: move from a world of “I can’t” to “I can”.BONUS: It’s FUN!


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Tiny Bears ( 2 - 3 y.o. )
Our Tiny Bears program for children ages 2 – 3   years old will give students their first look at gymnastics and physical fitness. Gymnastics is a great foundation that helps develop strength, coordination, physical fitness and self-esteem that will help prepare children for all sports.

Our instructors have the knowledge and experience to instruct children in a positive atmosphere that helps develop their skills & self-confidence. Each class is designed to teach specific progressions on the bars, beams, floor exercise, vault, trampoline and our 40 foot long tumble track. This class is without the parent.

The children will learn lots of forward and backward rolls and be introduced to cartwheels.  They will learn various jumps on the floor and the trampoline.  They will also work on their walks on the balance beam and swinging and supports on the bars. This is a great class for you and your child to meet new friends and bond with each other.  The children will learn how to work well with others and improve their fine and gross motor skills, such as hand eye coordination while learning gymnastics.

Length: 45 Minutes
Pre-Qualifications: Must be at least 2 years old.
Apparel: Girls - Leotards and gymnastics shoes, no skirts or tights. Boys - T-Shirt ticked into elastic waistband shorts withgymnastics shoes. Parents - Socks, no bare feet.

Regular training schedule September through May/June.
Adjusted schedule during summer months.
See below for the complete schedule.
Baby Bears ( Walking / 2 - 3 y.o. )
Tumble Bears ( 3 - 4 y.o. )
Power Tots ( 4 - 5 y.o. )
Advanced Tots ( 4 - 5 y.o. )
Tumbling Tots ( 3 – 5 y.o. )
Hot Shots ( 3 - 5 y.o. )
Gym -n- Learn Educational Program (9AM - 10PM) Exercise

Pre School Gymnastics Schedules