Mens Artistics Competitive Team

Our mission is to help all our young athletes achieve their fullest potential in competitive gymnastics.  The Miami Gymnastics staff is dedicated to their role of guiding gymnasts through the myriad of training options, thereby exposing the ahtletes' true potential, helping them develop into mentally and physically strong athletes.   Ultimately, we hope to instill lasting values which will help the athlete excel in sports and beyond.

Out programs put emphasis on discipline, perseverance, mental awareness and team unity.  Our staff of coaches and assistants are dedicated to bringing the best possible proffessional instruction and high standards to our organized programs.  These programs are designed to bring out the best in every gynmast.

Our Philosophy

Competitive team programs at Miami Gymnastics will bring out the best in our athletes, our training methodology maximizes potential and helps develop emotional strength and mental endurance, traits that will help the athtlete beyond the sport.

These life skills and traits will help shape the young gymnast into a strong adult.

All of our programs are designed to bolster and teach life skills which augment strong character.  We give every gymnast the oppportunity to develop poise, discipline, mental toughness, determination and self-worth. Our goal is to help young gymnasts become strong, confident athletes and people through our training.


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Boys Competitive Team Levels 4 - 10
The Miami Gymnastics boys competitive team programs aim is to introduce young boys to the competitve men's gymnastics program.  As with our other competitive programs, they are based on USA Gymnastics guidelines. This program is competitive and not a recreational level program.

We offer training in all olympic equipment, including P-Bars, High Bar, Pommel Horse, Spring Tumbling Floors, Foam-Filled cubicle pools, vault, hundres of safety mats and video aids.

All prospective athlets require a complete evalation for proper level pacement.

Disclipline, perseverance, mental awareness and team unity are the benchmarks of all our team programs. the high standard of the instruction at Miami Gymnastics is what sets our program apart.  Please come in for an evaluation.

Miami Gymnasitics Academy has a group of experienced and professional coaches who strive for the usage of correct gymnastics techniques.  We don't take shortcuts and believe the long term success and safety of a gymnast comes from the proper application of techniques taught by experienced coaches.

Among the necesities for safely learning gymnastics are proper skill progressions, strength and flexibility training, as well as the necessary mental preparation.

Competitive Gymnasts are required to participate in all Team Intensive programs and/or Team Camps/Clinics at Miami Gymnastics through the entire year.

Regular training schedule September through May/June.
Adjusted schedule during summer months.
See below for the schedule.
Pre Team

Boys Artistic Gymnastics Schedules